Cheryl Troxel + Helen Harrison :: February 19, 6-9 pm :: Walk on White, Key West FL


When faced with an unrecognizable image, the mind works to make 

associations. Cheryl Troxel’s paintings are glimpses of a moment, windows in 

one reality that can be peered into through countless others. This unique 

ability of the imagination is explored using the intimate bond her work 

ignites in the psyche of each new viewer.


Helen Harrison’s work accentuates nature's sensuous beauty by 

revealing the character of wood and found organic materials. Each piece 

is a testament to the spirit of that which was once alive, a reminder of the

ephemeral nature of existence, and a call to pay reverence to the

often-overlooked splendor that surrounds us.


Join us during the Walk on White for this visual exploration of temporality.