Hays Blinckmann // ART! Key West! - November 21, 2013 - Walk on White - Key West, FL

Hays Blinckmann,  I Never Promised You A Rose Garden , 22" x 28", oil, enamel on canvas

Hays Blinckmann, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, 22" x 28", oil, enamel on canvas

Harrison Gallery is proud to feature new works by Hays Blinckmann for the monthly gallery walk, and during our opening for the second annual ART! Key West!

Using the still life genre as inspiration, Hays has broken the picture plane into fragments, resulting in familiar patterns that are delicately manipulated into explosions on canvas. 

She is creating chaos through striking lines and paint splatter, then simultaneously ordering it--finding the balance and beauty of it through a manifest of color.

This show will also mark the ten year anniversary, to the day, when Hays met her husband, Jan-Marten Blinckmann, during her first show at Harrison Gallery.