Bonnie Burkee // Cindy Kulp - January 16, 2014 - Walk on White - Key West, FL

Not only is this Walk On White the first one of 2014, but it also kicks off Harrison Gallery’s 28th year bringing fine art to our Key West community!

For this special event, we are pleased to feature new pieces from Cindy Kulp and Bonnie Burkee. Both artists were inspired by friends of the feathered variety, so beautiful birds will be showcased in each of their latest works.

Cindy Kulp,  Derbyan Parrots , 18" x 15", oil on board

Cindy Kulp, Derbyan Parrots, 18" x 15", oil on board


We are excited to have new work from avian painting master, Cindy Kulp.

Cindy has been breeding and raising exotic parrots for over twenty-two years. Derbyan Parrots are the subject of her latest, color-filled work. Her profound involvement with nature and animals is reflected in her work as an artist and in her activities as an environmentalist.

Her paintings demonstrate a level of detail and expression that rival even those of James Audubon.


We are also honored to welcome back to the island, printmaker, sculptor, and photographer, Bonnie Burkee.

She will be debuting two new pieces, Shopping on White Street, and Cock O’ The Keys—both of which she began during her residency last year at The Studios of Key West.

These new pieces bring delightfully curious scenes of Key West into her intricate, whimsical domain.

Bonnie Burkee,  Shopping on White Street , 25" x 19", intaglio

Bonnie Burkee, Shopping on White Street, 25" x 19", intaglio

Come fly with us into the New Year!