Helen Harrison

established Harrison Gallery in 1986, a studio and contemporary fine art show space featuring signature pieces, as well as curated works from around the world. She and her husband, Ben, have owned and operated the gallery for over 33 years.

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Click to buy my book...


1986-Now          Owner & Art Director Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1983-85              Sailed East Coast of the United States and the Bahamas

1981-86              Harrison Studio, Truman Annex, Key West, FL

1978-79              Sailed throughout Central America



1974-78              Boatbuilding in Costa Rica

1972                    BFA, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

“My sculptural forms range from real to abstract. My intent is to accentuate nature’s sensuous beauty by revealing the character of wood and random found objects using color, texture, shape, and movement. The spirit and energy of living things intrigues me and always influences my creative process.” - HH



2019                    Tribute To Wood, The Studios of Key West, Key West, FL

2018                    On the Waterfront Truman Annex Artists, Custom House, Key West, FL

2017-19              Small Works, Lemonade Stand Gallery @ The Studios, Key West, FL

2017                    Members Show, The Studios of Key West, KW, FL

2011-19           Key West Airport, Art In Public Places Rotating Art Program

2016                    Feather Your Nest, The Studios of Key West, Key West, FL

2015                    Members Show, The Studios of Key West, Key West, FL

2015                    Helen Harrison & Cheryl Troxel, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2014                    Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West, FL

2012                    A Taste for Spoons from the Collection of Nora & Norman Stevens, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

2012                    Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA

2012                    Fast Buck Freddie’s, Pop-Up Art Gallery, Key West, FL

2012                    Harrison Gallery, Black on White, Key West, FL

2012                    Harrison Gallery, 5 Wood Artists, Key West, FL

2011                    Harrison Gallery, White on White, Key West, FL

2011                    Lucky Street Gallery, The Hungry Muse: Key West Literary Seminar, Key West, FL

2012-11,5-3 99 Aids Help, Invitational Auctions, Key West, FL

2010                    Lovers. Mothers. Sisters. Others, The Studios of Key West, Key West, FL

2010                    Gathering of Spoons, Association of American Woodturners, Hartford, CT

2010                    The Black Pearl & The Blond, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2009                    Wood III, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2009                    Santa Fe Meets Key West, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2008                    food…glorious food!, Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, CT

2007-2003         Sculpture Key West, Key West, FL        

2007                    Tropical Botany, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2006                    20th Anniversary Show, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2006                    MTV’s The Real World set, Key West, FL

2004,06              24 Hour Lock-In Show, The Lemonade Stand, Key West, FL

2003                    Helen Harrison & Melinda K. Hall, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2003                    Harrison Gallery, Works in Wood, Key West, FL

2002                    Women’s Show, The Custom House Museum, Key West, FL

2002                    The Exotic & The Esoteric: 17 Florida Woodworkers, Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL

2002                   Helen Harrison & Benjia Morganstern, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2002                    Studio Wood, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

2001                    Three Women, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1999                    Solo show,Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1998                     Women’s Show, Woodenhead Gallery, Key West, FL

1997                     Group show, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1996                     Sansar Gallery, Washington, DC

1994                     Helen Harrison & Wali Cunningham, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1993                     Images Exhibition, Key West, FL

1993                     Helen Harrison & Wendy Gell, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1992                     Living Sculpture: Wood, Pottery, Bonsai, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1992                     Christmas Show, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1991                     Juried: Florida Keys Artists, Florida Keys Community College, Key West, FL

1990                     Our Fragile Environment: Invitational, East Martello Museum, Key West, FL

1989                     Sculpture - Five Artists, East Martello Museum, Key West, FL

1988                     Group Show, Harrison Gallery, Key West, FL

1987                     New Artists’ Works, Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL

1983-84               Group Show, Gingerbread Square Gallery, Key West, FL


Articles and Reviews

2019                     “Knock on Wood: Tom Majors Tribute To Wood”, Keys Weekly, Hays Blinckmann

2016                     “Meet the Harrisons”, Florida Weekly, Maxine Lopez-Keough

2016                     “Harrison Gallery charts its own course…”, Keys Weekly, Hays Blinckmann

2015                     “Still Life: Judy Blume”, WSJ. Magazine, Judy Bloom/Christoper Ross

2014                     “Forty Year Saga of Gallery Owner, Helen Harrison…”, Miami Herald, Cammy Clark

2014                     “HAH x2”, Eye On Art blog, Helen A. Harrison

2014                     “Home Is Wherever I Am”, Key West Citizen,

2013                     art loft: video interview on WPBT Channel 2 

2012                     A Gathering of SPOONS, Linden Publishing, Norman D. Stevens

2012                    7-12-‘1, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jo Lord

2011                     KW Literary Seminar Catalogue 

2009                     “Santa Fe Meets Key West”;  “Wood III” Culture: “It’s the Light”, Solares Hill, George Murphy

2008                     Key West: A Tropical Life Style, Leslie Linsley

2006-2008          Sculpture Key West Catalogue

2007                     Key West Magazine, Margit Bisztray

2007                     Our Spectrum of Visual Arts, Barney Cornaby    

2007                     “Tropical Botany”, Solares Hill, Joel Blair

2006                     The Media General Arts Collection Catalogue

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2003                     “Keys Life”, The Key West Citizen

2002                     L’Attitudes, Judi Bradford

2002                     Solares Hill, Mark Howell; Matt Dukes Jordan; Joel Blair

2002                     Celebrate, Constance Gilbert

2002                     L’Attitudes, Judi Bradford

2001                     Florida Travel Magazine

1999                     Country Kitchen (cover photo)

1999                     K.W The Newspaper, Barbara Bowers

1999                     Solares Hill, David Ethridge

1995                     Art & Antiques, “The Traveling Collector”

1995                     K.W. The Newspaper, Barbara Bowers

1995                     HOME Magazine, December/January issue

1994                     Travel + Leisure, David Kaufelt

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1998                     Solares Hill, Shawn Atkins

1987                     “Accent on the Arts”, Humme’s Guide

1986                     Island Life, Julie Perrin

1986                     The Key West Citizen, C. Lee

1985                     The Miami Herald, Bob Smith









Kathryn Lasky & Chris Knight

Terrance McNally

Susan Mesker

Claudia Milne & Mike Whittaker

Chahan Minassian

James Pavitt & Carolyn Stettner

Ed & Ann-Marie Reilly

Phyllis Rose & Laurent de Brunhoff

Eva Seidner & Mike Kedar

Rob & Fran Silverman

Andrea & Bill Spottswood

Richard Wilbur

David Wolkowsky

Stanley & Judy Zabar

Selected Collections

The Central Trust Bank – Sam B. Cook

Key West Art & Historical Custom House Museum 

Key West NOAA Weather Station

The Media General Art Collection: Richmond, VA      

Norman D. Stevens Wooden Spoon Collection         


Dotty Ballantyne & Fitz Coker

Jackson L. Blanton

Judy Blume & George Cooper

Jean Carper

David Dillard & Anna Karin-Dillard

Daphne Farago

Nancy Friday

Jeffrey & Walton Goldring

David & Susan Goode

Tim & Nancy Grumbacher

Helen A. Harrison & Roy Nicholson

Susan Henshaw Jones

Lynne & Harold Honickman

Crosby & Bebe Kemper

Keith Kessie


Selected Awards

2014                      Lemonade Stand Gallery, Perfect Score Award, Juried Show, Key West, FL

2003                     Best in Show, Art in the Park, Key West Art In Public Places, Key West, FL

2003                     Art In Public Places, sculpture selected for Spottswood Park, Key West, FL  

2002                     Rodel Foundation Fellowship: The Anderson Ranch, Snowmass, CO


Boards and Organizations

2014-Now          The Studios of Key West, Board Member

2010-12               Key West Art In Public Places, Board Member

2006-Now         Save Our Pines, Board Member

2003-04,12-14  Friends of Ft. Zachary Taylor, Board Member

2010-13              The Studios of Key West, Residency Consultant

2010                    Sculpture Key West, Advisory Board

2004-05              Sculpture Key West, Vice chair

2002-04              Committee for Art in the Park, Board Member

1998-00              Key West Tree Commissioner

1988-90              Key West Art & Historical Society, Board Member


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