Jimmy Wray // Louie Wray - April 17, 2014 - Walk on White - Key West, FL

____________________________Time Lapse

The title of this show is, in part, a reference to the photography of Jimmy Wray’s son, Louie Wray, who will join in for this two artist show. It’s also about the person who looks back at us in the mirror.


Do those sheets of glass and silver hold our memories like a cosmic photograph? For Jimmy, to add a touch of enchantment to the strange visual phenomenon we call a mirror, is to encourage us to see ourselves.


In stark contrast, Louie calls us to relinquish thoughts of our self, and to expand our imaginative pallets into the natural unknown.


Jimmy Wray assembles antique architectural elements recovered from old houses in Key West into frames for beveled mirrors, providing a truly unique stage to see oneself.

"Mirrors are an incredibly underrated visual phenomenon, taken for granted through overuse! My mirrors are an attempt to bring the viewer back, for a second look, to stir some wonder and at the same time make them a part of the piece, the exact picture always changing, time capsules
about 'you' and about Key West." - Jimmy Wray

Louie Wray began exploring his passion for photography eight years ago, at age 15. His love for the art form arose from an era surrounded by imagery on the internet, and by greats like Clyde Butcher, and Ansel Adams. Natural patterns and phenomena inspire the color and composition throughout Louie’s work.

“I love cultivating relationships with the curves of a tree trunk or the polyps in a colony of coral. I first dropped my lens below the water two years ago and embarking into the underwater realm has been my greatest artistic decision since first picking up the camera in 2006." 
- Louie Wray